Shopify is pretty cool

Hare and Home

My girlfriend has recently embarked on joint venture with her sister – a shop selling gifts, cards, homewares, etc.

Check out their store and follow them on social media – Hare and Home – Gifts and Lifestyle.

They are a brick and mortar store, but also wanted to have an online store to maximise their potential audience.

They needed some system for their POS and online store…Of course being a software developer, I thought to myself “I can write that”, but the reality is that I don’t have the 100s of hours required to create a quality product with anywhere near the features that they are looking for.


They had some requirements that the needed to fulfil:

  • A professional POS system, including printed barcodes
  • The ability to take card payments
  • An online store front
  • Stock managed and tracked by system

I was surprised by how many different offerings there were to choose from, but it was surprisingly difficult to actually find details and see the POS apps, save for promotional videos that didn’t really show the POS usage.



Pros – A mature system with choice of free and paid themes. It offers POS app, online store, and lots of different integrations and extensions.

Cons – It costs a little more than some of the competitors.


Pros – We have used the card reader before and had a good experience. The monthly cost for online store is a little lower, but has slightly higher card fees.

Cons – Seems to be less mature and less integrations. We were unable to work out if they support assigning barcodes. Support was poor, it took ~a month to respond to my questions, and was sent a link to their website (where I had already looked and couldn’t find the answer).

Square Up

Pros – They seem fairly mature, and well thought eco system.

Cons – Struggled to find examples of POS, couldn’t find an example with easily integrating barcodes and barcode scanner.


In the end we chose to use Shopify. In the end it was a clear winner thanks to it’s mature setup, extensive app store (including an app to assign/print barcodes), integration with online store and POS, integration with Facebook/Instagram.

We found it easy to use and there is a lot of support and documentation available.

Tap Shot – Windows 8

Tap Shot is coming to Windows 8!

Multi Touch! New Levels! New Graphics! Brand New Sound Track!

Tap Shot version 1.2 is out now for WP7

The latest update for Tap Shot is out packing some exciting new features.

Menu and Page re-designs: Those upgrading will initially notice a facelift to the menus, and some rather extensive cosmetic surgery to the level select and leaderboards pages.

Online Leaderboards: You asked for it, so here it is!! Players can now register a unique player name (for free) and compete in the global online leaderboards.

Following: Are your friends playing Tap Shot too? Want to keep track of your enemies scores? Well you can follow other players and easily compare scores!


The update also features some minor tweaking of levels and bug fixes.


Tap Shot review at

“A very high quality app and very worth the $0.99” –

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“Tapshot is very simple, and fun” – CanadaReviews

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Tap Shot Recommended by Spanish site:

Tap shot has been recommended by Spanish website:

The google chrome translation reads:

Tap Shot

Our final recommendation of free games and popular Windows Mobile Phone for this week includes a set of payment: Tap Shot .
Being a mobile game does not cost more than $ 1 in the service of WP7 downloads , but it should be noted that it is free.
The game used to practice our aim, and must shoot the targets (moving, fixed, definite forms, abstract, color, black and white) and obtain the highest possible score.
We can raise our performance to social networking, practice or play a sort of journey through different tests. A simple but fun shooter, ideal for children because it has a very bright and colorful style.

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Tap Shot – Trailer 1

If you havn’t seen Tap Shot yet, check out the first trailer here:

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“Tap Shot is an entertaining, slightly addictive game for your Windows Phone.” – WPCentral

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Tap Shot Review at


“The game is tons of fun and worth the .99 cents price for the time killer.” – WP7Connect

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Ecriep Word Press Blog!

I have been so busy at work and working on Tap Shot that I have never got round to turning my site ( into a website that is good enough.

I was going to spend the weekend coding and designing a brand spanking new site with all the bells and whistles that you could hope for, but then decided that using word press would probably save time and be sufficient for what I need at the moment.

So, here it is…the new Ecriep web site in all its word press glory!!